Impact100 Metro Denver Strategic Framework: 2024-2026

[Overarching Goal: To increase our capacity to provide significant funding to a wide range of nonprofits.

1. Infrastructure (funds, technology, staffing) is in place to support growth to 350/400
2. The grants process streamlined and equity-focused to attract more grant proposals and
better serve our grantees.
3. Retention of members is at 80% and 70% are actively engaged in our work.
4. Membership reflects the diversity of our community.
5. Governance is transparent and builds the leadership pipeline.

The five priority goals for the 2024-2026 period are:

1. Expand our capacity to operate and grow through sustainable infrastructure.
a. Increase operating funds and capacity.
b. Create Development and Technology committees.
2. Revise Grants Process
a. Streamline application process.
b. Embed equity in our grantmaking.
c. Practice trust-based philanthropy
d. Increase outreach to nonprofit communities.
3. Increase Membership and Expand Member Engagement
a. Offer menu of options for engagement to all our members
b. Improve the new member onboarding process.
c. Create infrastructure for outreach and follow-up.
4. Build a more diverse membership.
a. Recruit a wider range of members that represents our community (younger, BIPOC/API,
Latina, etc.)
b. Grow sponsorship/scholarship program.
c. Develop a strategy to ensure engagement opportunities consider younger and more ethnically diverse members.
5. Governance is transparent.
a. Build a leadership pipeline.
b. Ensure a structured, formal board nomination process, open to members.