Connecting Women through Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Transforming Community

Since 2015, our women members have awarded more than $1.2 million in grants across key focus areas. In June 2022, an additional $205,000 will be awarded to worthy non-profits making transformational change. 

Statement of Solidarity and Action

In line with our mission, vision and values, Impact100 Metro Denver stands in solidarity with Black Americans, all Indigenous and communities of color.

We believe in creating and sustaining a community that is inclusive, equitable, diverse, and fosters a space to which all people can bring their whole identities and authentic selves.

We believe that building relationships and genuine connections is critical to cultivating a diverse generation of women philanthropists.

Moving forward, Impact100 Metro Denver commits to listening, learning, and taking action to do our part in social justice reform. This work will be reflected in:

  • Our strategic plan
  • Robust learning and educational opportunities that address systemic racism
  • Identifying improvements to make all aspects of our work equitable

Become a Member

Impact100 Metro Denver’s annual commitment is:

$1,000 Contribution to the grant pool
$100 Chapter membership dues

Invitation to Apply for the Accelerator Grant