Learn about Scholarships
Who is eligible for an Impact100 Metro Denver Scholarship?

Anyone who is interested in supporting Impact100 but has financial constraints is eligible for an Impact100 Scholarship.  The only requirement is a commitment to be an active participant.  We are a diverse group of women who desire to support local non-profits achieve their goals.  We welcome all new members into our Impact100 community.

What is an Impact100 Metro Denver Scholarship?

Our scholarships fill in the difference between what a prospective member can contribute to the grant fund and the $1,000 annual contribution. For example, a recipient might contribute $500 and the scholarship would contribute the remaining $500. The $100 annual dues would be paid by the recipient.

What is the financial expectation after the first year of the scholarship grant?

Depending on individual circumstances, the scholarship may be extended for up to three years, with a gradual increase in the amount contributed by the recipient.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Complete a scholarship application  and submit to membership@impact100metrodenver.org

How long does the process take?

From the time of submitting an application, we anticipate no longer than 30 days. 

Do I get to vote on the focus areas and grant finalists?

Yes.  You will be a participating member and we appreciate your input and your vote regardless of your financial situation.

What is the minimum expectation for involvement of a scholarship recipient?

In addition to the financial contribution, we would like for our scholarship recipients to feel a part of the Impact100 community and to become informed philanthropists. Participating in the work of our committees is one way, e.g. Grants, Events, Education, Membership, and Communications. Other volunteer options might involve working on one-time special projects or volunteering with one of our grantees. We hope this type of involvement will also support you in your personal and professional growth.

May I apply at any time? Is there a schedule?

You may apply at any time.  Granting scholarships depends upon the availability of scholarship funds, of course.