Why Sponsor?

Being an Impact Member gives you:

  • Visibility to our membership of Metro Denver business leaders, educators, attorneys, philanthropists, public officials and community volunteers

  • Appreciation in our digital communications

  • Association through on-site branding and participation in our events

  • Networking through our social media channels

Sponsorship Levels


Up to $499







Event Sponsorship

$500+ is suggested and/or in-kind contributions are welcome!

We are happy to customize sponsorship to suit your needs. Please contact:


Become an Impact Partner

Impact Partners is a direct giving opportunity for anyone who wants to contribute and for members who want to give more than their annual obligation. These donations help us grow and can be directed to –

  • Increase our Grant pool

  • Sponsor a new member

  • Contribute to organizational needs

Partnership Levels


Up to $499





You Direct How the Funds are Used!

Your Contribution can be Applied to:

Contribute to the Grant Pool
Sponsor a new member
Apply to the greatest need