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Members tell us that what they value most about their Impact100 membership is the ability to learn about the opportunities and issues in our local community. Can you help us get the message out?

Here’s an example of an email you can personalize and send:

Dear Friend,
I’m writing to introduce you to one of my favorite organizations, Impact100 Metro Denver. It’s an organization focused on empowering members and serving our local community to fund transformational solutions to some of our most pressing issues. I am personally asking you to join me by becoming an Impact100 Metro Denver member. Here’s why I joined:

Impact100 Metro Denver is part of a global movement to change the world – one community at a time. We pool our resources and award transformational grants to local nonprofit organizations that are making a difference in our community. Each year, every member makes one monetary gift of $1,000. Donations are pooled to make one large grant pool. From there, we make several impactful grants, one being at least $100,000 for one nonprofit recipient. Grants are voted on by the entire membership and awarded at our festive Annual Grant Awards Events. Please join today.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to seeing you soon!

And this is an idea for sharing in a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram post. Feel free to use your own words!

I am a member of Impact100 Metro Denver and invite you to join me in this movement to transform our community. Here’s how it works. 100 members give $1,000 a year that gets pooled and granted to three local organizations that are working to solve some of our community’s biggest challenges. Check us out at

Become a Member

Impact100 Metro Denver’s annual commitment is:

$1,000 Contribution to the grant pool
$150 Chapter membership dues