Join the Grants Committee

Being a part of Impact100 is being a part of making metro Denver a better place.  Deepen your involvement and learn about the amazing organizations that serve our neighbors by joining the Grants Committee.

The Grants Committee is an essential part of Impact100.  The 35-40 members of the Grants Committee are responsible for reviewing and evaluating all Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that are submitted, first ensuring that the proposals meet our granting criteria and then collaboratively determining which organizations become finalists for our $100,000 transformational grant.

Responsibilities of Grant Committee members include:

– Attend at least three of the four mandatory meetings (see schedule below)
– Read and evaluate three to five grant applications
– Participate in squad discussions surrounding the applications (a squad is comprised of four to five women who read, discuss and evaluate the same grant applications)
– Potentially participate in site visits to semi-finalist organizations
– Select the three semi-finalists to be presented to the entire Impact100 Metro Denver membership to determine who will receive the $100,000 transformational grant.

No prior experience in grant reviewing, non-profit management or finance is required.  Your time and willingness to learn about the non-profits making a difference in Metro Denver is all that is needed.

The tentative meeting schedule for the 2023 grant cycle is as follows (All full committee meetings are scheduled to be in person.)

– January 31, 2023: GC Meeting 1 (Welcome, purpose, RFP review
– Week of February 20, 2023: GC Meeting 2 (Squad discussions) – Date, time and location to be collaboratively determined by each squad.
– March 21, 2023: GC Meeting 3 (Selection of Semi-Finalists)
– May 2, 2023: GC Meeting 4 (Selection of Finalists; review site visit reports)

Your voice and your input are a crucial part of the success of Impact100 Metro Denver.  Help be a part of this important work by joining the Grants Committee. 

Join here!

Any questions? Please reach out to the Grants Committee –