Thank you, Sandy Cook, Jean Townsend, and Lynn Taylor!


Each of you has made a significant impact on us and our community, and we will never forget the time spent working together.

Written by Margaret Prentice

Three Impact100 Metro Denver Board Members are bidding farewell to our Board and we can’t let them leave without expressing our gratitude for their service. “Service” aka in-person and Zoom board meetings, lots of phone calls and lots of outreach within our membership and the greater Denver community. A big, big thank you, Sandy Cook, Jean Townsend, and Lynn Taylor!

I asked each to reflect on their experience these last years.

Sandy was my first contact with Impact100 in 2018, shortly after I moved to Denver. She lost no time getting me involved – and now I know that’s her modus operandi. I asked at a recent New Member Orientation how each came to Impact100. Two members volunteered, “I’m one of Sandy’s girls.” I guess I am, too.

Sandy Cook leaves as Chair of Governance, previously serving as Board President and Membership Chair. In reflecting on her years of leadership here, Sandy said, “There are many experiences that surfaced and two quickly come to mind. You will note a theme in them — learning and changing. I have a long-standing belief in and commitment to the power of women’s philanthropy.  So, after being a founding and now legacy member of the Women’s Giving Alliance of NE Florida 22 years ago, I made a move to Denver seven years ago. I was so pleased to discover Impact100 Metro Denver. Impact Denver was heading into its second year with its wonderful founders Pat Wynne and Cathy Murphy leading and building the organization. Even though I didn’t know anyone in Denver, Michelle Meyers, the Membership Chair at the time, asked me to join her committee. I learned early on that our members can take on almost anything and are willing to do so — if asked.”

“The second experience is the work involved in establishing the Accelerator Grant. It’s a result of several teams of members learning and working together to shape a trust-based grant focusing on equity. Those experiences, along with tapping the efforts of other collective giving organizations, have now shaped changes in our transformational grant. I look forward to continuing to ask for learning to support change.”

Jean Townsend, Grants Management Chair, succeeded Founding Member Joan Brennan who created the Grants Management template. To no surprise to anyone, Jean lost no time in filling the big shoes of Joan. As Board Vice President with Grants Management, I had the privilege of working with Jean as she refined the committee’s charter. Jean reflected, “I had the special opportunity to get to know each new grantee by jointly crafting an agreement that worked for all. I feel like each grantee and each new liaison became my friends. It was a unique treat for me that I treasure to this day. Of course, getting to know individual Impact100 members was and continues to be totally fun. Thank you, Impact100!”

Lynn Taylor jumped into the role of Board Vice President with a portfolio of three committees: Grants, Grants Management, Education and Events. As Lynn reflected, she said, “Collaboration was one of the rewards of serving on the Board. Working with an accomplished, fun group of women is a treat at any time, but particularly when you have retired from a career and miss the opportunity to strategize, plan and see results. Even more exciting when your time goes to further the meaningful work of Impact100 Metro Denver. It’s been a pleasure!”

A personal note: Jean and I had a standing date to talk about Grants Management. On one call, Jean told me how grateful she was to have me in the VP role, going on to say that she looked upon me as the Committee’s “mom” – who could offer guidance. I’m sure Lynn Taylor had no idea in succeeding me as VP that she too would become “mom” to Jean and her committee! Jean’s note to me for this article ended with this: “my” two vice-presidents (you and Lynn) — “my moms” as I called you — gave me perfect guidance.  I probably bugged each of you too much.” No, Jean. You never bugged us too much!